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Busy is simple and intuitive software for finding & managing workers for your business.

Why Busy?

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Cut lead time for staffing from several weeks to a day.

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Customers consistently give workers on Busy high ratings.

Temporary staffing software features


Full analytic display of your current spend, worker engagement, shift response rate, shift fulfillment rate and active contracts. This tool shows whether your posted work contracts are on the right path to be filled.

Shift management

Easily post a customized shift that outlines the needs from the worker. Clearly monitor each posted contract to show how many have been filled, completed, paused or cancelled. This tool helps control your spend budget and allows a clear picture of where you’re at with completing each work contract. Create available shifts as needed and post them to the job board for workers to respond and fill the shift. Work contracts will stay active until filled, prompts are provided to help make shifts more attractive.


Check your message center for all communications relating to your work contracts. Communications are fluid between the business and worker, and status updates and alerts are posted regularly.


Create a team profile to manage shifts across multiple departments of your business. Set up teams for different departments to track spend, budgets and reporting.


Track budgets, response rates, and capture all statistics around your shifts. This reporting tool enables your company to manage and review the status of posted contracts with downloadable reports to analyze budget and spend.

Shift management


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The benefits of Busy?


  • • Simplifies staffing process and allows businesses to customize their shifts in multiple ways to communicate the right expectation to the worker.
  • • Provides flexible onboarding solutions; Takes the stress out of staffing when faced with fluctuations in staffing needs.
  • • Staff management including payment, time management and work performed, all through BUSY.
  • • Saves businesses time and money by reducing administrative tasks and expanding their reach to find temporary workers.
  • • Identifies key candidates for specific positions.


  • • Connects job hunters with available work.
  • • Creates a database of jobs for workers seeking on-demand work.
  • • Receive your payment quickly and have access to your work history.
  • • Easy instructions to follow when starting and ending shifts.
  • • Tools available when the shift has any challenges.
  • • Make extra money where and when you need it.
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Busy Mobile App

Busy — native on-demand staffing app

BUSY offers a diversity of work opportunities right at your fingertips. Optimized for Android and iOS smartphones, the software connects people with temporary shifts based on the preferred area, industry, shift, and skillset. Both companies and job seekers can benefit from BUSY. Companies love the transparency of hiring pre-vetted qualified workers, and talents love finding positions on their own terms, when they want and where they want. Whether you are a company needing their short-term assignments tackled, or a worker eager and able to do the job well, our on-demand staffing app helps both parties find each other quickly and confidently. Once the perfect match is made, BUSY will instantly send a notification on your mobile device, providing the details about your job or candidate.

Busy Reviews

Busy Reviews


1. What is On-Demand Staffing Platform?

On-Demand Staffing Platform refers to the application that uses geofencing and the data of market labour force to match with the personnel looking for work and Companies that are on the platform looking to hire.

2. What is Busy?

BUSY is an on-demand staffing software that connects businesses with workers looking for job opportunities. The easy-to-use platform enables companies to post shifts that need filling, and easily connect workers to sign up for shifts. BUSY gives businesses from all industries the ability to engage entry-level workers quickly. BUSY provides businesses with flexibility when their staffing needs fluctuate, eliminating the need for permanent hiring and third-party temporary staffing agencies. This intuitive staffing solution seamlessly matches companies with workers to fill shifts for entry-level positions.

2. Who are our users?

With BUSY, companies can easily address the challenges of ever-changing demand by combining a pre-vetted skillful workforce, advanced HR management, and actionable business insights. BUSY makes it easy for your business to maintain the perfect staffing level and keep your teams’ performance at peak capacity, without wasting valuable resources on traditional recruitment. 

That way, BUSY empowers companies to effectively scale their teams up and down to enjoy the flexibility necessary to face fluctuations in the market. Job hunters get access to an ocean of local work to fit their lifestyle, schedule, and goals.

There are two types of users:

  • Companies that are in the market for labour resources.
  • Independent contractors that are looking for work within their geographical location.

3. What tasks can BUSY solve?

  • BUSY can solve your problem for emergency staffing requirements when there is an unexpected surge in demand for your facility.
  • It eliminates majority of the administrative work traditionally required to hire a role internally or externally.
  • It frees up more time for you to manage your day to day operations and less time worrying about personnel issues.

4. On Which Platforms BUSY Is Available?

The BUSY on-demand staffing application is available for Android and iOS mobile platforms and can be easily downloaded from the relevant digital marketplaces: Google Play and App Store. The temporary worker app has two interfaces: one for an employer and one for a worker.

For job seekers, BUSY allows you to set the specific parameters for the interesting job based on a number of personal options, such as your education, skills, preferred work locations, and desired shifts.

Employers can create work contracts, access the pool of pre-screened qualified candidates, interview applicants, track the performance of hired temps, pay the workers right through the app, and capture all statistics concerning the given work contract.