Your dashboard is your virtual HR manager. Supervise your temporary staff, track worker engagement, gauge their response rate, and get detailed stats on your spending – from a single source. With BUSY, all your data is clearly visible and actionable.

Get Immediate Insight Into Your On-Demand Workforce

Deep dive into the performance of your workforce with advanced reporting and statistics. Collect direct insights into operations to make informed management decisions.

Track important data

See an overview of your contracts, spending, engagement, and response rate. With BUSY on-demand staffing software, you can leverage powerful, real-time analytics for smarter decision-making.

Detailed charts

With data rich and detailed charts, know efficiencies and potential gaps in temporary staff’s performance to transform information into actions.

Fast Access

Gain access to insightful daily reports through comprehensive, easy-to-understand visualizations right from your dashboard. A host of essential KPIs are at your immediate disposal, ready to be put into good use.

Track important data

Keep a pulse on what matters. Our on-demand staffing solution gives you full insight into active contracts, shift fulfillment rates, budget spending, worker engagement, candidate response speed, and other metrics that are essential for your business. BUSY provides exhaustive analytics on your temporary staffing activities, allowing you to maintain visibility throughout vital KPIs.

With this detailed information, you have full control of your temporary staff workforce.

Detailed charts

Real time data is presented in clear, easy-to-understand charts. With BUSY, you have an alternative way to look at contract performance, along with relevant reports and stats. You have the ability to manage your budget, and identify potential inefficiencies in your temporary recruitment procedures. BUSY’s charts offer a snapshot of your posted contracts to see your business at a glance.

Fast Access

Obtaining exhaustive reports and statistics does not have to take much time or effort. Our on-demand staffing software is designed with your convenience in mind. All the necessary information is only a few clicks away and can be extracted from your dashboard. Enjoy clear access to the metrics that are important to you.


Modern businesses face many challenges, the most serious of which is understaffing during peak times and overstaffing during quiet periods. BUSY is designed to solve these problems. Our cutting-edge on-demand staffing software helps business owners and HR managers embrace the power of workforce-as-a-service. By matching employers with vetted, qualified, and willing candidates, BUSY allows companies to quickly find suitable temporary workers to fill single shifts or short-term positions, while avoiding the costs of traditional recruiting and hiring. Now, employers can engage temp workers exactly when and where they need them. With BUSY, you can manage your business at peak performance, no matter how the market changes.

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