Medical Temporary Staffing

Medical institutions fight a good battle for our life and well-being, so they constantly need well-trained, pre-vetted, and dedicated healthcare professionals for temporary and permanent assignments or to fill shifts. BUSY’s powerful hospital staffing software helps medical centers, hospitals, healthcare and skilled nursing facilities source qualified and willing workforce to deliver the best patient care and reduce unnecessary recruitment costs.

Welcome to BUSY

BUSY is the ultimate solution for all on-demand healthcare staffing operations. It helps you put your entire healthcare staffing procedures on auto-pilot for streamlined hiring, scheduling, communication, and workforce management. Our medical temporary staffing software presents a cloud-based platform thanks to which, you can manage your entire employment procedures and track efficiencies of work contracts.

Find Competent Medical Professionals Immediately

Applicant vetting is easier with BUSY,thanks to such features as background screening, resume search, resume parsing, candidate tracking, and interview scheduling. You can find perfect workers with the right skill sets for your positions in a matter of a few minutes.

Medical staffing software

Fill temp healthcare jobs faster

Employing the right on-demand staff does not have to take long. Caregivers, nurses, and other suitable talents instantly receive notifications on matching job openings, while you too, see a pool of pre-screened and dedicated temps that fully meet your requirements and desire to be a part of your medical team.

Stay on Top Of Credential Management

Be sure of the professional suitability of your med temps with BUSY. Our top-notch medical staffing software unceasingly evaluates records and certificates of your temporary medical employees and alerts you on outstanding or expiring credentials. It means you can easily manage compliance documentation and get fully prepared for audits while enjoying peace of mind that your on-demand staff are in compliance.

Never Worry About Integrations

Thanks to open API, BUSY can integrate with your existing applications such as invoice, payroll, or expense management systems to let you stay smart with employee payment & taxation and easily share data across departments.

Medical on demand staffing

Witness enhanced productivity

Our robust on-demand healthcare staffing app is designed with your needs in mind. You can orchestrate all medical hiring tasks like onboarding, scheduling, document and credential tracking, communication, and compliance for multiple facilities from an attractive and user-friendly interface for the utmost recruitment efficiency.

Achieve better workforce management

Managing your freelance healthcare manpower can be daunting and stressful without the proper tools. BUSY comes with a comprehensive workforce management engine that includes budgeting labor forecasting, scheduling, recruiting, employee lifecycle management, team management, and performance metrics to dramatically simplify your medical staffing management processes.

Hire And Manage On The Go

With everyone always on the go, it is vital to be able to hire and manage temporary medical staff via portable smart devices. BUSY exists not only as a web platform but a mobile app as well, so you can source qualified, on-demand medical workers for specific tasks and assignments while away from your computer.

Our service

Being a one-stop medical temporary staffing solution, we allow you to fill virtually all vacancies in your healthcare facility. We can connect you with specialized personnel for various departments of your medical facility, helping you save time and effort on recruitment.

With BUSY, you can fill staffing needs for a variety of positions in your healthcare organization, including:


The purpose of BUSY is to help healthcare facilities outsource their functional tasks and effortlessly employ temporary staff when extra hands are needed to keep providing satisfactory patient care. Our hospital staffing software provides employers with the highest-quality, qualified medical labor force that is eager to perform the assigned job. The healthcare industry is strictly controlled, with new compliance regulations appearing virtually every day. You can rely on us to match you with the staff that is fully aware of the latest policies and mandatory requirements accepted in the healthcare sector.