Awesome Perks Of Engaging Temporary Staff For Your Business

Flexibility is the pillar of a company’s success. The market situation can change drastically within days, the demand can increase and subside quickly, and competitors are ever-inventive to implement something novel and ground-breaking to gain the upper hand over you. The ability to adjust to the forever-changing circumstances is the key to a business’s prosperity.

To stay competitive, businesses are looking for new models. On-demand staffing is an important step for an enterprise to take an edge over rivals, meet the erratic demands of customers, and bring new skills and expertise to improve the company.

Whether your business is in infancy or going into 30 years, abrupt staffing shortages occur quite often. The understaffed workforce can cost you: projects may not be completed as scheduled, in-house employees can be overworked, and everyday business processes can be disruptive. This leads to increased stress, lower-quality work, and unhappy clients.

Temporary recruitment offers a host of tangible benefits for your business to allow you to scale your labor force quickly and efficiently.

What Is On-Demand Hiring?

On-demand hiring (also referred to as on-call talent) is a part of a gig economy allowing companies to gap single shifts or fill short-term positions with the right talents when they are most needed. One of the easiest ways to source temporary workers is through special on-demand staffing software like BUSY.

BUSY essentially presents a staffing marketplace where employers and job seekers can easily find each other based on their requirements. An employer creates a work contract, and job-hunters apply for a gig or shift. The recruiter can deny or approve the candidate’s application upon reviewing their credentials and previous performance ratings.

Neither talent nor an employer needs to do any extensive paperwork or make any additional commitments – the entire transaction is handled within the BUSY app, from hiring to paying, saving both parties tons of time and effort. Following a completed assignment, the temporary worker and the recruiter can review each other, and this data will help other users of BUSY to make weighted employment decisions.

On-demand staffing solutions let you find both hourly and per-project talent to meet the specific hiring needs of your organization. Temporary workers can perform their work either on-site or remote, depending on the assignment’s specifics. On-demand recruitment enables businesses to extend their in-house workforce at short notice.

What is a Temporary Worker?

A temporary worker is a willing and qualified candidate that you employ through an on-demand staffing solution to fulfill some short assignments for your business. It is possible to hire talents for a one-off task or an entire project through BUSY.

When engaging the temporary labor force, the BUSY staffing app will manage the entire process, from verifying and onboarding to payment and reviewing to save both parties from performing these tiresome formalities. By specifying the desired requirements, qualifications, and working conditions, a recruiter can easily hire a candidate who is an ideal fit for the role and avoid ending up with the wrong worker.

Benefits of Using On-Demand Hiring For Your Business

There are many different situations when a business may require an extra pair of expert hands, including:

  • Maternity leave and employees’ sick/parental leaves;
  • Upcoming events that need extra attention;
  • Getting a short-term project that requires specific expertise;
  • Unexpected death in the family of an employee;
  • Peak seasonality during which companies face unexpected hiring needs.

This is where on-demand staffing can be extremely handy.

Benefits of using on-demand hiring

Flexible Staffing Levels

Being understaffed is never desirable for any company. When your permanent workers get sick, go on holidays, or just don’t show up without preliminary notice, the reduced workforce may not be enough to cut it all. The deficit of staff members may translate into reduced efficiency, lower productivity, decreased level of customer service, and, as a result, financial losses.

On the flip side, being overstaffed is not a good idea either. Superfluous team members will hardly add more value to your business, but will surely cost you more in payroll expenditures.

This is where on-demand staffing comes into play. It allows you to maintain a perfect staffing level based on today’s requirements of your company and the current market circumstances. On-demand staffing allows you to have adaptable human resources.

You can request temporary workers during peak times and avoid hiring additional permanent personnel when you really don’t need them on a constant basis. When the hot season subsides or a short-term project is finished, you can dismiss your temporary workers without being obliged to pay severance. This can lower your payroll costs while keeping your productivity high, always.

Keeping Pace with the Times

Startups are looking for flexible hiring solutions as their needs may change dramatically as they try different products or experiment with new business models. Established organizations can face unpredictable workforce needs due to various factors such as the rapid reorganization of the company. Talent on-demand is a quick and effective solution to these problems.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade your business in any way, fresh ideas of an outsourced temporary worker can be helpful. For example, he/she may suggest changes to your routine workflows and paperwork, helping you optimize ineffective business processes. Many temporary workers can be well-versed professionals with years of experience so that nascent projects can leverage their precious knowledge to facilitate the company’s growth.

Reduce Stress of Permanent Employees

A common reason for hiring temporary staff is the availability of additional workers during peak periods. Whether it’s a popular restaurant in need to host a spree of corporate banquets during a holiday season, a medical center requiring tons of extra hands to cope with the rampant epidemic, or a farmer hurrying to gather crops before the wet season, BUSY can help relieve the labor demand.

Temporary staff can ensure smooth operations during these over-busy times. Additional staff can ease the workload by performing basic tasks, allowing full-time personnel to focus on more important business activities.

Your permanent staff members will be grateful for additional help during peak periods. People who experience stress during high-volume workdays may feel resentment towards their employers or may start to experience burnout. This can lead to a tense work atmosphere, poor productivity, and increased absenteeism. Hiring temporary staff will show your employees that you appreciate their contributions and understand that much is expected of them to keep a company thriving.

Cost Reduction

Sourcing on-demand personnel allows your business to reduce overhead expenses. As you hire through advanced on-demand staffing software like BUSY, you will pay no recruiting costs, waste no money on advertising, and spend no resources on screening and interviewing the applicants. This entire work has already been performed by BUSY.

You also don’t need to pay any termination of severance allowance when a temporary worker quits your company. And there is no need to continue to pay full salaries if the workload on the permanent position gets reduced.

Moreover, you don’t need to provide temporary workers with benefits such as workers’ compensations, vacation days, pension contributions, or health insurance. Finally, all your temporary workers come to you skilled and qualified to perform the specific task, saving you time and money on training.

Time Savings

Hiring temporary workers through an on-demand staffing app can save you tons of time. You don’t have to do the recruiting and hiring procedures yourself. You don’t need to do training. And you don’t even have to manage any payroll, HR, or compliance functions when it comes to your managing your temporary talents. As the broker between your company and a temporary worker, BUSY will help with the hiring process and take on all these time-consuming and tedious administrative tasks so your internal HR team doesn’t have to do this.

Minimized Hiring Risks

When a shift needs to be fulfilled, the main headache to bother a recruiter may be striking a balance between finding a good worker and filling the vacancy ASAP. However, if you choose the right on-demand staffing solution, both of these issues get automatically resolved. With BUSY, you get access to a pool of well-trained and preliminary vetted candidates that are extremely unlikely to let you down.

If a temporary worker proves to be great, you can add them to your shortlist of dependable temporary workers and engage them immediately when a vacancy appears. As you test he/she in action and see how they interact with your existing members, you may want to hire them for a full-time position and expand your in-house team with a valuable asset.

When you are ready to employ permanent workers, you can consider your tested hires, instead of buying a pig in a poke when hiring a new employee based solely on their resume and behavior during the interview. Tried-and-true temporary staff can ultimately help you build a strong and well-knit permanent team to drive your business to success.

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