The Best On-Demand Jobs for Students

Earning extra money goes a long way when you are a student, especially if you are borrowing student loan. Some students devote all their free time to study or recreation, but many are thinking about making additional income. What would be helpful in this case? We are not talking about permanent employment (at least for the period of study), but temporary work that youth can do in the evening, on weekends, vacations, or in their free summer.

Lack of experience or part-time occupation is not a problem. Temporary jobs are paid hourly. A student will be able to assess the job’s complexity, the hourly wage, and working conditions. 

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Benefits of Temporary Work for Students

Students can try temporary employment without harm to the educational process, as well as receive invaluable benefits:

  • Earn money. Even if your parents pay for your college education, your extra income can help accelerate your career dreams. Students can contribute to filling the family budget or to save up enough funds to buy the big-ticket item.
  • Gain experience. An adult life, where a student will have to work, pay for housing and feed himself, is not far off. A temporary job is a great way to be independent before leaving your youth years. By completing assignments on part-time shifts, students can further expand their resumes with a list of acquired skills.
  • Find your calling. Short-term work provides great opportunities to define an occupation you enjoy. Students will be able to evaluate their capabilities in a particular profession and at the same time not bind themselves to long-term obligations with the employer if they do not like a job.
  • Socially adapt. Being hired for temporary positions, young people will learn how to adapt to various social environments, practice communication skills with people of different ages, worldviews, and wealth. Work combined with the study will allow to increase the student’s level of responsibility, independence, and learn how to present themselves.
  • Get useful acquaintances. Work on demand brings students together with people of different specialties and hobbies, so you may expand your contact list not only with new friends but possible future employers or services, which bring favor in everyday life.

If temporary work’s reasons for students seem quite convincing, then the next question is: “Where can I find a good on-demand job?”. A response may contain not only contact numbers for communication with the employer. A student must be sure that his work will be paid at its true worth, he will not be deceived, and a hirer will provide fair conditions for cooperation. BUSY, a simple program with a friendly interface will help every student in need find a temporary job. Here is how an on-demand staffing software BUSY can be useful:

  • Shows temporary positions in your area.
  • Provides clear information about work location, income, job seeker instructions, etc.
  • Allows you to get acquainted with the employer’s rating and contains ex-worker’s feedback.

Top Best Temporary Jobs for Students

The list of work on demand for higher education students is extensive and helpful for making an informed choice. Youth may prefer temporary shifts that are directly related to the specialty they are receiving at their college, university, or high school. The possibility of further employment in a large company and professional growth in the chosen path is the main advantages of this choice. An experience gained during the performance of short-term assignments also plays a significant role in graduation work.

However, young employees may also fill vacant positions that are not related to their field of study. This choice is based on salary, hobbies, or convenient location. Let’s consider the variants that students can occupy in their free time.


If a student excels in knowledge in some subject, and maybe more than in one, the role of a tutor is quite suitable for him. You can engage in teaching with students that are slower in learning or schoolchildren immediately after the end of their classes. Tutoring usually lasts 1-1.5 hours, which will not be so tedious for both parties but can bring a good source of income.

Working as a tutor, students earn from $20 to $40 per hour (sometimes $80 or more). The amount depends on the subject’s complexity and the client’s needs.

Main responsibilities of a tutor:

  • Explanation of the material to students.
  • Assistance in writing essays and term papers.
  • Preparation for exams.

Patient and sociable persons will become excellent teachers for others.


High school students may well assist young parents in babysitting. The job is suitable for young people who love to work with children, do not get tired of answering endless questions, and are creative in matters of entertaining games. Employers will give preference to nannies with work experience. Therefore, if you have previously sat with younger siblings or other children, you may become the chosen one.

Babysitters can spend all day with children, performing the following duties:

  • Help feed meals.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Help with going through homework.
  • Pick up and drop off from school, kindergarten, or sections.

You can also get a job as a nanny in the evenings or weekends. Nanny’s salary is in the range of $10-20 per hour.

​Dog Walker/Sitter

If you love pets and are quite active, dog walking is a great way to earn some extra cash. You may earn even more income by hiring a pet sitter. This worker stays with the pet when the owners are away.

In this case, the student’s to-do list may include:

  • Feeding the animal according to the owner’s instructions.
  • Cleaning up after the pets.
  • Visiting a veterinarian (not optional).
  • Walking.

Earnings vary between $10-40 per hour.

​Tour Guide

Students, well acquainted with all the sights of their city, can work as a guide. You will need reliable and detailed knowledge of history, good orientation in the area, and a friendly attitude. What you need to prepare for, when choosing a tour guide job:

  • Answers to many questions. You must be well versed in the history of the local region.
  • Communication with a diverse audience. Not all tourists are kind and smiling. You need to learn how to avoid sharp corners and be tactful.

Guides on average earn about $13 an hour for their work.

​Food Service Workers

Getting a job in a cafe is quite popular among young students. A waiter’s work is easy to learn, but the tips, left by grateful customers for your quality service, are especially nice.

The duties of a waiter may include:

  • Orders acceptance.
  • Table service.
  • Cleaning the premises.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Simple meals and drinks preparation (coffee, french fries, etc.).

The employee’s salary depends on the institution’s reputation and the number of duties. On average, students can expect a rate of $8-14 per hour + tips.

​Social Media Assistant

Companies often hire an assistant to present their products on social media. This job is well suited for millennials and gen-Z that are well versed in social media. This job can be done even on a mobile device in the comfort of your own home. 

Daily tasks for the employee may consist of the following: 

  • Blogging.
  • SEO optimization for consumers’ requests.
  • Posting new materials.
  • Qualitative product advertising.
  • New clients’ attraction.

Employers are willing to pay about $16 per hour for business maintenance on social networks.

​Shop Assistant

A popular profession for those, who like to keep abreast of new products from the world of fashion, gadgets, and other fresh goods. Students can work during the vacation season or at certain schedules.

At the workplace, students can do the following:

  • Conduct consultations and selection of goods for the buyer.
  • Perform payment transactions.
  • Decorate showcases.

For one working hour, students can receive about $12 in salary.

​Fitness Center Administrator

It is possible to earn money for several hours in the morning before classes or until late after school in various gyms. A plus for a student, who loves sports, will be discounts on the institution’s services usage.

The administrator at the reception is responsible for checking visitors, registering new customers, putting things in order in the hall, etc.

Students will be able to receive about $12 per hour in this employment.

​Brand Ambassador

This is a company’s delegate, who favorably presents products. Brand ambassadors can promote clothing, food, sports facilities, hotels, and more. First, the employee must look neat and be educated enough to present the product or service in the best possible light.

The ambassador’s responsibilities may include:

  • Communication with customers.
  • Accumulation of user reviews.
  • Departure to the desired location.
  • Transportation of stands and products’ test versions.

Brand ambassadors can earn pretty good money — on average, $17 per hour.

​Warehouse Worker

Warehouses always offer jobs for students: on night shifts or holidays, when there are especially many orders.

Tasks that  are included in the job description of a warehouse worker:

  • Order collection and packaging.
  • Sort products by category.
  • Control of stock balances.
  • Use of warehouse equipment (not optional, but may be additionally paid).

Although labor in the warehouse is not easy from a physical point of view, it brings income in the range of $10-18 per hour.

​Virtual Assistant

You can now become an assistant to the busy entrepreneur even remotely. All a student needs is a computer or mobile device and a few hours to complete the assignments.

Tasks that a virtual helper can do:

  • Finding the necessary information, generating reports.
  • Booking rooms for a business trip.
  • Reserving tickets.
  • Filling the site with content.
  • Counting financial analytics.
  • Taking orders.

A student will be able to earn an average of $15 an hour. If you are assiduous, able to easily find the information you need, this job will appeal to you. Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere.

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