Temporary Staffing Software: Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Achieving significant success in business and growing above competitors is possible only through the well-coordinated work of qualified personnel. A team of professionals, each of whom is in the right place — worth its weight in gold.

How can you take the chance to hire a precious employee, who meets all the requirements of your company? This is where the recruiting program comes to the rescue, allowing companies to find reliable gigs for both permanent and temporary vacancies. The on-demand staffing software automates the process steps, making it easier to find, select and interview applicants.

The software optimizes repetitive tasks, so you can focus on quality rather than quantity.

Recruiting Program Benefits

How can hiring technology be useful for your company? The main product’s pros, appreciated by users around the world, are described below.

Increase in Labor Efficiency

Labor Efficiency is the main purpose this software product was developed for. Using a utility to manage recruitment processes allows you to relive those in charge of the day-to-day routine. Now the tasks of finding people for a vacant position, collecting information about applicants, analyzing data, and choosing a suitable candidate are shifted to the program.

The most advanced programs are cloud-based. Using virtual resources for storing job seeker resumes, cover letters, and correspondence with candidates allows you to access the information you need directly from a mobile device, without wasting time searching in different folders.

The time that is freed up from streamlining daily tasks, can be used to more thoroughly interview candidates or other purposes aimed at improving the work of your enterprise.

Hiring Qualified Personnel

The program allows you to specify mandatory requirements for the job skills, experience, and qualities of the applicant. This helps to reduce the number of irrelevant responses. You will only be able to see people who meet the specified search criteria. Personnel that is not suitable for your position, are eliminated at the initial stage.

Create Beautiful Ads

The recruiting program will help you to correctly arrange the post for filling a vacant position. By analyzing data from various platforms for personnel search, the utility will generate a beautiful ad that is attractive to potential employees.

Formation of Analytics

You will be able to generate a report on the number of your ad’s views, closed vacancies, and responses from specialists. This information will improve the content of staffing posts and handle errors.

The Most Important Features of Recruitment Program

A good staffing utility should have several basic features:

  • Recruitment process automation. If your company does not have a dedicated person, who would post vacancies, accept incoming applications from candidates, and form an interview schedule, the program should perform these tasks automatically. Leave the list of simple but time-consuming tasks to a dedicated utility, and you will see how your productivity will increase on more important issues.
  • Easy integration with existing software. Using a recruiting program does not mean that you have to abandon your old and convenient program. The new software should easily integrate with existing technologies in the company through an open API and have access to other partner programs. Thus, you can combine innovation with established technological solutions in your business.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive controls. The recruitment app should be easy to use. Functions, actions, and relationships of screens and objects in the software should be understandable at the intuition level. Such simple manipulations as drag and drop, data entry, access to embedded information greatly facilitate the utility user’s life.
  • Analytics and reporting. Program customers can generate a report on any information of interest: sources of candidates, the rate of filling vacancies, cost of hiring, cost of the applicant, etc. Report analysis will reveal the state of work processes: which are going well and which need to be improved.

Things to Look for When Choosing Temp Staffing Software

Before you start looking for the best temporary recruiting program, you need to analyze the needs of your business. When you are determining the purpose you need a hiring program for and highlight the key functions that it should have. So, some utilities are configured for video interviewing candidates or searching for job seekers on social networks. At the same time, others do not have similar functions at all. If none of the existing proposals suits your needs, you can order custom software development.

When choosing the best recruiting program, also pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Mobile application availability, that will allow you to quickly respond to any changes in the recruitment process, the emergence of new candidates, or vacancies.
  • The program should simplify the personnel management process by providing the ability to form tasks for the team, exchange messages with short-term workers and conduct personal assessments.
  • Ability to “grow” along with business improvement. Technology must adapt to future needs and opportunities in the face of rapid market changes.
  • Optimal price. Some temporary recruiting programs can be prohibitively expensive. It is worth understanding how the price is formed and finding out all the functions offered by the utility. There is a chance that the program’s high cost is due to functions not even useful to your occupation. Therefore, it is worth looking for a cheaper solution with a set of the optimal number of possibilities.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all recruiting software to suit every type of business. Each field of activity has its distinctive features that should be considered when choosing a temporary staffing utility.

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