Handy Recruiting Tips for Hospitality Businesses

It’s very common for the hospitality industry to experience serious fluctuations in demand throughout the year when peak times and huge influxes of clients alternate with the low season and a reduced number of sales.

When the high season comes, your in-house personnel may feel overwhelmed with duties so that they are hardly able to effectively handle the increased demand. In such cases, a clever decision will be to engage on-demand temporary workers for your hospitality business. By doing so, you can reduce the burden on your permanent employees, prevent their burnout, and, consequently, avoid manpower turnover.

While hiring additional workers during a busy season can benefit your entire office and bring good profits, being overstaffed during an off-season may translate into extra expenses and increased overheads, which is highly undesirable when the business is already scant.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to hire on-demand temporary labor quickly and efficiently for your hospitality business to gain the upper hand, irrespective of the market demand.

Tips for Hiring On-Demand Talents for Hospitality Businesses

It’s never late to source a temporary hospitality workforce

If you’ve been in the hospitality business for some time already, you may clearly predict the beginning and subside of peak periods. With this knowledge, you may see beyond when extra hands may be especially needed. Despite all your predictions, finding and training the right temps will take some time and effort.

If you start looking for extra staff when busy season has already started, you not only risk not finding qualified workers on time, but you may end up onboarding them in the middle of your peak period. This affects both parties of the process. Just-hired workers are not able to work at their full capacity as they need training, while permanent employees have to spend their time and energy on teaching new recruits, instead of performing their direct duties.

To prevent this roadblock, you want to start working on job descriptions and hiring strategies as early as possible. Try to identify the specific skills and expertise of your successful permanent hospitality workers, and create temporary job positions with the desired competencies.

There are probably enough vacancies or tasks in your hotel or serviced apartment management company that can be performed by on-demand talents. By creating detailed descriptions for these tasks, you can quickly outsource the perfect labor force, which gives you the flexibility to meet market needs when peak seasons strike.

Early preparation ensures that you have enough time to find reliable temps for your business needs. The sooner you hire them, the more time they will have to train and take up their duties with confidence. The more time your temps spend working with your in-house employees and learning from them, the more confident and productive your on-demand workers will be during high seasonality.

Know the sources of trustworthy, competent, and eager-to work temporary staff

Hiring on-demand personnel for your hospitality business all revolves around having trust in whom you hire. Bringing a “wrong person” into your company can spoil the well-oiled workflows and even bring down your reputation. To avoid this, it’s critical to know where you can outsource temporary workers to lead your business to success, not to derail it.

Many recruiters now connect with pre-vetted talents through online on-demand staffing platforms like BUSY. Using this type of platform, you not only can access a pool of pre-screened on-demand local talents with the right amount of skills, but can easily interview them, review their past experiences and credentials, hire them, manage onboarding, and administrate payments right from the app.

Don’t have unachievable goals or elevated expectations

Though you’re dealing with on-demand short-term workers, it’s still important to provide them with a positive onboarding experience to ensure you get the right results from your flexible workforce. Be sure to set clear goals, down-to-earth expectations, achievable milestones, and try to smoothly integrate your temp talents with the rest of your company.

An on-demand worker may become a key member of your hospitality team, handle important tasks, or offer vital advice or insights to improve the overall performance of your business. You need to make sure you have a clear understanding of the work to be done, what is expected, and make sure your temporary worker has the relationships, access, and support to work efficiently and securely.

Perks of Choosing your Company for On-demand Job

While the promised pay rate may factor in the worker’s decision to apply for or accept an on-demand job post, it’s not the only reason to influence their desire to become a member of your hospitality team. In fact, modern freelancers are more attracted by a great office culture and unique workplace perks, rather than a good salary.

Even temporary workers would love to get some additional perks from their employer. So, to motivate on-demand talents, consider offering them some corporate bonuses as a part of a deal, such as a free shuttle to the workplace and back to home, free meals, access to an office gym – your imagination is the only limit in this respect.

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Hospitality Personnel

  • Instant results: Temporary talents generally join the organizations immediately after approval, so they can make an immediate impact on your hospitality business.
  • Quick hiring: The procedure for hiring on-demand temps through a dedicated app like BUSY is traditionally way much quicker. Thanks to an AI-powered matching engine, you immediately have access to a pool of pre-vetted candidates, all of which perfectly fit your specific requirements
  • Unique perspectives. Sometimes, one competent outsider can totally change the way an organization operates. A skilled temporary worker can share their expertise and advice on improving some aspects of your hospitality business, which hopefully, will lead to streamlined operations and more profits.
  • Well-versed, focused experience. Temporary employees usually have a very specific skill set and are accustomed to performing very specific tasks typical for the given business niche.
  • Reduced costs. On-demand short-term talents are a temporary solution. This means they do not require a fixed yearly wager or some other guarantees that generally are associated with the permanent labor force.
  • Agility: temporary workers allow you to respond to market changes and demands as they hit.

Find Your Best Temporary Worker with BUSY

BUSY is an on-demand hiring solution that links you to thousands of verified, skillful temporary hospitality workers in your area. The entire temp’s lifecycle can be organized through a single application. From discovering, verifying, and interviewing to hiring, on-boarding, and paying, with BUSY, you can manage and control your temporary talents with extreme ease and efficiency.

More than that, all temps presented on our platform are insured to give you peace of mind that, if accidents were to occur on-site, your hospitality business will never suffer. If you are ready to become a smarter recruiter, create your first work contract on BUSY.

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