The Top On-Demand Job Options in the US

The on-demand economy is growing steadily and persistently, increasing the on-demand jobs market as well. Today, there are dozens of options for individuals to provide various services for businesses to benefit from personal offers. In this article, we will overview the most popular gigs in different industries, sharing the hourly rates for them as well.

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Best-Paying Industries and Jobs

Hourly-paid jobs are available in many industries, so we have decided to categorize them properly for this article. Even though some gigs may be available across multiple industries, there are usually many exclusive ones for any selected industry.


The industry of hospitality has benefited a lot from the flexibility of hourly paid staffing. Being able to adjust the number of workers according to current demand both allows the business to be more efficient and creates opportunities for individual workers.

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Concierge is one of the most popular gigs in the industry and it is averagely paid $18.12 per hour in the US. The list of responsibilities is usually individual for each job.

Room Attendant

In the United States, room attendants are paid $13.24 per hour on average. However, the gig itself is a lot more popular, as a lot of businesses prefer having their number of attendants flexible.


Houseperson is a very similar gig with very similar duties and responsibilities. The hourly rate varies a lot, depending on the property you will be serving at. Some workers earn only $7 per hour, while others manage to reach $28.


The range of cleaners’ responsibilities is wider than with previous gigs, while the salary is almost the same, averaging at $13.46 in the United States. Having the gig more flexible will surely increase your total number of orders.


Laundry is another cleaning-related gig in the hospitality industry. Laundry workers earn $12.56 on average in the US, but their list of duties and responsibilities is very narrow.


Even though stewards mostly assist in cleaning, they may sometimes take on additional administrative responsibilities, granting them a higher salary. On average, stewards are paid $17.59 per hour in the United States.


Valets help with luggage and park visitors’ cars. On average, this gig is paid $10.97 in the US.


Hospitality businesses also enjoy hiring temporary bussers according to their current demand. An American busser averagely earns $12.51 per hour.


Temporary security personnel is present in almost every industry. Security staff is paid from $10.17 to $24.19 in the United States, and the rate depends on the tasks, risks, and responsibilities of the worker.


Restaurants, diners, and bars also accept lots of temporary workers. There also are many gigs with low training required, making this industry a great start for beginners.

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Food servers and waiters average $12.50 in the US, and it is the most common gig in the industry.


Washing the dishes won’t usually bring you many tips, but the average hourly salary is $13.52 for this gig in the US.

Host or Hostess

Hosts and hostesses earn $13.18 per hour in the United States, while their lists of responsibilities are rather short.

Line Cook

Even line cooks may be hired temporarily, and in the US, it will averagely cost $16.71 per hour.


The hourly rate of $12.56 is lower than with most other gigs by restaurants, making cashiers less popular for temporary employment.


As a landscaper for restaurants and other businesses, you will be able to earn around $13.81 in the US.

Delivery People

Couriers and delivery people usually get paid depending on their performance, but the average rate is $17.53 per hour. Drivers usually get paid higher as the businesses don’t cover the expenses.


For bartenders, the average rate is only $8.59, which is one of the lowest in the industry, however, the tips can really add up.

Medical Staff

Healthcare institutions sometimes hire temporary workers as well, even though the most crucial jobs are taken by full-time employees.

Support Workers

Medical assistants earn around $17.00 in the United States, but the wage depends on their responsibilities.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are not often hired temporarily, but their wage is one of the highest across all industries, averaging $41.85 per hour.

Dietary Aides

Dietary aides are responsible for cooking and serving dishes to the patients. This gig will averagely bring you $13.86 per hour in the US.


The construction industry includes a lot of jobs, but we won’t review them individually, as the average hourly wages for them might not be as representative. The gigs are paid depending on the difficulty of work, so your results will directly correlate with your skills. The list of jobs includes:

  • carpenters;
  • plumbers;
  • roofers;
  • painters;
  • electricians.


For events and entertainment, the situation is very similar to the construction industry. There are many jobs for you to take, but the salaries depend on the events and on your skills a lot. The list of gigs for events includes:

  • decorators;
  • hosts;
  • equipment operators;
  • parking controllers;
  • kitchen staff.

How to Become Successful at Gigs?

The hardest part of any hourly job is to find a gig. In this section, we will share some pro tips on finding offers and increasing your efficiency as a temporary worker.

Build Reputation

Reputation is key with any on-demand job, as most platforms for workers have built-in rating systems. Thus, you will need to build yourself a positive reputation by performing extremely well with your first gigs and asking the customers to leave positive reviews.

Lower Your Prices

At the beginning of your career as a temporary worker, you might need to lower your prices to receive more gigs. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd of other workers and earn some positive reviews and experience faster.

Find Regular Gigs

Having some regular gigs will significantly optimize your performance in general. Firstly, you won’t need to find new gigs for the time you’re occupied with the regular ones. Secondly, you will not need to be briefed every time, as you will already know all the details.

Stick to One Platform

There are many platforms you can find gigs on, and some workers try to attract more customers by listing their services on all of them. Our tip would be to focus on one platform and build a reputation there, as it will allow you to increase your prices faster.

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