Shift management tool

Hiring temporary professionals and managing their shifts has never been easier. Just post a shift– and you’ll be matched with a pre-vetted worker available for the job.

The benefits you reap

Create contract

Temporary recruitment is easier now. Describe the position, define the requirements, share your expectations, and get connected with an available candidate. With BUSY, you can hire quality staff in a matter of minutes.

Receive request

Background-checked on-demand individual contractors are eager to bring value to your company. Whether sudden staff changes or an urgent need for more labor force, BUSY allows you to find qualified candidates to get the job done on time and within your budget.

Control the process

Filling staffing gaps is no longer a headache. BUSY saves you from any disappointment by handling the sourcing, background verification, and onboarding. We ensure that all our job hunters are well-trained and rigorously screened to meet your standards and drive your business forward.

Create new contract

In a complex and ever-evolving employment market, finding the right temporary employee can be challenging. Busy’s software is the ultimate solution for all your on-demand staffing and human resources needs. Having a pool of ambitious workers for a diversity of industries, BUSY puts you in touch with the right candidates who are ready to staff roles in your company. Getting a pair of skillful hands for your company starts with creating a new contract and describing your needs, wants, and expectations:

Receive request

BUSY features an AI-powered matching system that connects employers with local workers based on specific requirements. No more messing with long-read resumes and tiresome interviews. The list of the best candidates that fully meet your needs is at your fingertips. You see a request from a competent worker that perfectly fits your qualifications and either accept or decline it after viewing their profile. Whether it’s for last-minute shifts or expanding your current team, busy has you covered.

Control the process

Change and customize your shifts to quickly identify the right talent for your needs. Keep track of the progress of your contracts and see what has been fulfilled, paused, or canceled. Rate the contractor after the job has been completed and send payment directly through the BUSY platform. Add effective temp workers to your favorites to create a team of tried-and-true shift workers available when you need them. Every time you need to fill in a team member’s absence or get an extra pair of skillful hands when things get busy, you can source the best on-demand shift workers and have peace of mind that your project will never fall behind schedule.

Other Features